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Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant


Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant 1 Ounce ...


  • Highest quality available
  • Extremely long lasting, non-absorbable and scent-free
  • Patented leak-proof locking pump and sleek high-end discreet packaging
  • Perfect for water play
  • Available in 1 oz  

            Swiss Navy Water Based Lubricants are setting the standard in today's marketplace ... Our Swiss Navy Lubricants have patented leak-proof locking pumps on every bottle ... Our pumps make Swiss Navy lubricants very travel friendly and spill proof via the locking pump ... Our uniquely designed bottles have a high-end look ... They are designed to be kept on the nightstand, Not in it ... Swiss Navy Lubricants provide a silky, Velvety feeling unparalleled by other lubricants on the market ... This long-lasting formula enhances sexual satisfaction, As well as comfort for peri- and post-menopausal women ...

            Swiss Navy Lubes are very silky and velvety ... Our lubricants are long lasting, So there is no need to reapply ... Swiss Navy lubricantS are perfect for anal sex and is great for intimacy in water ... Many post-menopausal women may benefit more from Swiss Navy Lubes since it is not absorbed and can help with dry, Sensitive tissues ... Both the silicone and water based lubricants are condom compatible ... The water based can be used with any type of toy ... The silicone lubricant is compatible with toys that are safe with silicone ... It is always best to test the compatibility with any silicone toy ... Both lubricants are ingestible during oral intimate play ... May be used with any other MD Science Lab product ...